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Abby made registration a breeze for me.Dr. Nayfach was very kind, gentle, knowledgeable and a software engineer expert that really guided me to help me have a better quality of life being someone with low-vision. He took his time, reviewed all medical notes and gently examined me himself to verify and evaluate all my needs. He also referred me to low-vision services, such as lighthouse for the blind and more. I highly recommend this clinic for anynoe in need of a thorough low-vision evaluation and for resolutions for enchancing your life!
Dr.Nayfach is the best optometrist.Using the most update equipments Dr. performed a very thorough eye exam .I’m very satisfying with my new pair of glasses.will come back for my eye care,and thank you for everything he did for the community.
Dr.Nayfach is excellent! Everytime I take my mother to her appointments I know she’s in great hands. Friendly and very professional and pays very close attention to details. Takes his time to care and make sure my mother was took care of from comprehensive exam to glasses fittings. 12/10 recommend!
I have nothing but thanks to Doctor Nayfach. Dr. Joseph Nayfach is extremely committed, goes beyond his responsibilities, is highly trained, and above all with high professional ethics.As another person mentioned in another review, he also saved my vision. My story is somewhat complicated, but I thank God that Dr. Nayfach was in this process in which he is continuing helping me,I had an episode where I almost loss the vision in my left eye which was ignored by my doctors due to an intent to diagnose based on another condition that I have in both eyes. Fortunately, I already had an appointment with Dr. Nayfach, who upon seeing me immediately realized the urgency. Without hesitation he intended to get in contact with my doctor, made arrangements, and coordinate steps for me to go to the hospital. He guided me in what to say, what to ask for, what to expect, and how to proceed both with the doctors and what to do in the hospital. After that, while I was already hospitalized, he followed up and continued advising me on the procedures that were being performed on me.In summary, without the help of Dr. Nayfach I would have been completely lost in the process and/or with the possibility of going blind. For all the above and more, I highly recommend Low Vision by Woodlands and Dr. Nayfach.
Very thorough eye exam. I was very pleased with the personal care and attention I received from Dr. Nayfach. The building says Woodlands Sports Medicine which confused me at first, but there are other clinics here as well. Dr. Nayfach asked detailed questions about my eye health and then educated me, answering a lot of questions I didn’t realize I had about my vision. He spent over an hour on my exam, it felt like a concierge practice but I could use my insurance. If you have complicated vision problems and feel like a regular eye exam is not helping, I highly recommend this practice.
Dr Nayfach is the best eye doctor we’ve ever had (and we’ve seen many in our 65+ years)! He spent several hours with my wife and provided her with an extremely comprehensive exam. He was very patient, respectful, explained the procedures and tests, took time to answer ALL of our questions, and then provided us with a detailed report and summary. Unbelievable!!! Dr Nayfach is our first choice in eye care.
This doctor is the best I’ve ever been to. He really knows eye care. I received a wrong diagnosis but he was able to print out what was needed quickly and efficiently!!Thank you soooooo much!!
Dr. Nayfach saved my wife's vision. We needed immediate help on a Saturday and he (Dr. Nayfach) went the absolute extra mile to help us we are now on a path to recovery thanks to this great man
Response from the owner: Thank you so much!
I have a rare genetic disorder that has caused me to have low vision since birth. Thanks to Dr. Nayfach, I have the best eyesight of my life. He is the most brilliant eye doctor I’ve ever had. He takes his time and goes the extra mile to make sure you have the best prescription possible. He is also very knowledgeable of state services that can help patients acquire the expensive low vision devices they need to live normal lives. I highly recommend his services to anyone with a low vision diagnosis.
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During my vacation to the area I made an appointment to see Dr. Nayfach as I have a serious on-going eye condition for the last 3 years and it deteriorated during my trip. I have seen many Optometrist’s and Ophthalmologist’s but I learned more about my condition in the 30 mins I was with him than in the last 3 years. He was thorough, knowledgable, informative and more importantly suggested there was treatment out there that could help me, and armed with this information I can explore these options. If I lived locally he would definitely be my Optometrist of choice. Also thank you to Marisa for her excellent customer service and in arranging my appointment at short notice.
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One of the best eye doctors!! Dr was very detail oriented and asked a lot of great questions during the diagnosis. Great attention to detail, and very patient while listening to the past medical history. Even though we went over the appointment window, the Dr spent a lot of addition time in educating me while working on the treatment!! Very grateful to find him, thank you!!
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Dr. Joseph Nayfach-Battilna O.D. is an outstanding Low-Vision health practitioner and a wonderful human being.I am excited and honored as I write this Salute to a remarkable professional who has helped me over the last two years to move from despair to hope and comfort.After being referred to “Dr. Nayfach” by my Glaucoma ophthalmologist he helped me start a new journey of treatment. He began with comprehensive examinations and tests during my first visit and continuing through this time as I write.I marvel at his brilliance, compassion, and knowledge as he consults with me, a spiritually, mentally and physically active 90-year-old man. “Dr. Nayfach” has prescribed special lenses and glasses resulting in improved mobility and vision.“Dr. Nayfach” follows up my office visits with phone calls, emails and text messages to ensure I understood his diagnosis and am following his recommendations.I sincerely appreciate his advocacy for low vision persons which I have witnessed with some of his other patients and benefitted from personally. One example is his recommendation I consider exploring opportunities and eligibility for appropriate vocational rehabilitation services and occupational therapy assistance.If you have low vision or know someone who does, please call immediately and make an appointment with Dr. Joseph Nayfach-Battilna at the Woodlands Low Vision Clinic. He has my highest recommendation without any reservations, and he can and will help you!!!Percival Bertrand (Bert) Phillips
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Doctor Nayfach CARES about helping his patients see as well as possible. He takes as much time as needed to achieve this goal.My wife and I HIGHLY recommend this caring Doctor!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you very much for lovely review! Everyone at our practice strives to provide an excellent patient experience. Take care!
My mother is 93 and has macular degeneration. She had visited two other optometrists, and both said there was nothing they could do for her. We found our way to the WLVC and it was a blessing. Dr. Nayfach spent two hours with the exam and explained every step. We had to wait almost a month for the new glasses but it was worth it. My mom's distance vision is markedly improved.
Response from the owner: Thank you very much for the review! Everyone at our practice strives to provide an excellent patient experience.
I recently had an appointment with Dr. Joseph Nayfach, OD to discuss my low vision problems and learn what could be done to improve my vision. He performed a series of tests to determine my problems and needs. It was the most comprehensive and informative exam that I have ever experienced in regard to my health. The tests confirmed some problems that I was aware of and others that I had no knowledge of. His business location is small but his knowledge and dedication to patient service is boundless. He listened well and answered all my questions quickly and with explanations that I could readily understand. If you or someone you know needs help with low vision problems, I believe Dr. Nayfach is definitely someone to see.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind review! Everyone at our practice strives to provide an excellent patient experience.
Dr. Nayfach is an absolute true professional and cares about his patients, both in terms of medical and mental health. Based on my experience and current diagnosis, he and his staff have been very accommodating and compassionate in every way. He has a unique skill with his medical knowledge and as well with his technical skills and how he communicates to his patients and family members - Thank you Dr. Nayfach!I have a rather large medical team and resources that are helping me with my eye disease, and I would like to share with you that Dr. Nayfach is someone that I trust and have full confidence with his medical care and advising me on how to best work through the process with other medical professionals.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the lovely review! Have a great week!
Dr Nayfach is the most thorough eye doctor I've ever been to. He goes into great detail about your vision issues. Even more so than my opthamologist. The lens prescription he wrote for me has helped me tremendously. Especially my reading. If you're looking for a great optometrist he's your doctor!
Response from the owner: Thank you very much for wonderful review! Everyone at our practice strives to provide an excellent patient experience.
Dr. Nayfach was very patient with me and all of my questions and concerns. I came in his office guarded do to my lack of trust of new doctors involving my health, though that didn't last long. Dr. Nayfach isn't one to back down from a challenge and has definitely earned my trust and return business/visits.
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I came here for a regular eye exam to update prescriptions for glasses and contact lens. My left eye has always been my “bad eye” but Dr. Nayfach took that as a challenge and did an over-refraction on my follow up contacts fitting visit and got me to 20/15 vision in each eye! I used to wear gas permeable and after switching to soft lens I was never seeing as clearly so this is amazing.
Response from the owner: Thank you very much for generous review! Everyone at our practice strives to provide an excellent patient experience.
Joseph is very detail oriented person, he paid attention to each and every answer you have provided on questionnaire and voluntarily asked family history, personal health history related questions to know more in detail about your health to help you provide better service. he explained every exam that he has performed that day in layman terms to help me understand the medical terms. I've never experienced a decent service at an optometrist except here, I highly recommend going Here than getting checked at Walmart or target or any optometrist in woodlands.He spent 2 hours for a regular annual check, if was at any other optometrist in the country they would have performed it in less than 15 mins and he went through every test thoroughly and there was no rush at any point. You can see all my reviews I've NEVER provided anyone a 5 star review before, I'm hoping this review helps you get the service you all deserve.Thank you Joseph for your service!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you very much for the review! Take care!

A vision rehabilitation clinic dedicated to the care of low vision patients.

Through meticulous refractions and the use of specialty devices and optical filters, we attain each patient’s best vision.

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